About Us

Our story is very simple. We grew up in diners, loved the job. Our staff works hard to give you the best food with impeccable service.

Apollo diner was established over 11 years ago by Tamazos family. Throughout the years they served thousands of people all around Melbourne, West Melbourne and Palm Bay area ensuring great food and stellar service at a reasonable price. That was their goal. We share a similar goal that is to give the best customer service and the highest quality food to our wonderful customers. We’d like to offer a wide range of foods, a casual and comfortable atmosphere, and an unbeatable price.

We sell authentic Greek delicacies

1. Kalamata Olives

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete

3. Fresh Oregano

4. Feta Cheese

5. Tzatziki

6. Our Homemade Hummus

7. Pita Bread

Feel free to ask questions. Thank you!

Our Team


Trish and Tammy

About Trish: I've been working at Apollo Diner for 12 years serving the customers. I love my customers especially the ones who are my regulars.

About Tammy: I have been working here for years now and the all the customers are great. The servers here are a team and we all make sure to help one another as much as possible.


About Emily: Apollo Diner is my home away from home. The people I've met through the years and the bond I have with the servers is the best.

Michelle and Nate

About Michelle: I have served here at Apollo since 2012. I am proud to be a server because I love to get to know people from all walks of life. Sometimes people come to see us to brighten their day and to fill their bellies. Our staff and guests are more like family!

About Nate: I have been working at Apollo Diner for 7 years now. I love working here because it feels like a family. When you come in, you get to enjoy great home cooked food and you get a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The staff I work with is great and I enjoy serving my customers, making them happy, making them feel at home, and most of all making sure they leave full.

Nicole and Mike

About Nicole: I love being here because the customers are like my family.

About Mike: I have been working at Apollo for 13 years. I love what I do! I've met lots of wonderful customers over the years, several have become friends. Many times if the regular doesn't show up I text them to make sure they are okay. My favorite thing about being a server is developing close relationships with my customers.